Manufacture since 1964

Soonhi Graphite Electrode is partner of Zhongzhou Carbon ( also known as “Black Triangle” brand ),  which was a state-own graphite electrode factory and manufacture graphite electrode more than 55 years in China. The production based in Henan province covers an area about 350,000 square meters and reaches 50,000 tons annual capacity of graphite electrode, capacity will be 100,000 tons end of 2019.

Our base have the complete production process with raw material preparation, mixing ,extruding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization, physical and chemical inspection and mechanical processing.

The graphite electrode is made of high-class petroleum coke and needle coke as main raw material and coal tar as binder. It is made by raw material calcining, batching, mixing, extruding, roasting, impregnation, graphitization, and machining process.

Professional in Graphite Electrode

Graphite electrode is widely used in electric arc furnace and refining furnace for steelmaking , smelting ferroalloy, yellow phosphorus, metal silicon,etc.
According to the quality index of graphite electrode, it can be divided into regular power RP, high power HP, standard ultra high power SHP and ultra high power UHP. Know as LF/EAF/SF

We have graphite electrode UHP,SHP,HP,RP with dia. 100-980 mm and length 1600-2700 mm.

The graphite electrode is produced strictly on domestic and international technical standard, and all its index are better than the regular value of these standards.

Imported coke ensure high performance and low consumption

Our Equipments


24 Pot Calciner

3500 Ton Extrusion Molding Machine

Electric Desulphurization Equipment

Internal Series Qraphitization Furnace